Launch of Hawke-EST

Myke Hawke and Ruth England, expert survivalists and co-stars of the popular TV series Man Woman Wild, have teamed up with resource industry culture expert Dr. Dean Laplonge to create a new extreme situation survival training service for resource companies and their employees.

Violent attacks against resource extraction operations are unfortunately becoming an all-too familiar news story. Extreme weather events are also on the rise, causing more flooding, landslides, wild fires, and drought. These all constitute heightened threats to the safety of employees working in remote and dangerous locations.

Myke and Ruth will provide bespoke survival training, pre-departure and in-field, to ensure resource company employees can survive in extreme and unpredictable situations. Through the Hawke-EST blog, our team will discuss a range of safety and security issues which impact on the survivability of these employees in the changing global landscape.

Hawke-EST (Extreme Situation Training). Specialist survival training for the resource sector.

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